[MZ] Monday Zen


“There is no final failure that ruins you forever

and there is no final success that saves you forever.”

~ Ane Axford, Sensitive and Thriving


[MZ] Monday Zen ~ Quiet the Mind Chatter


“Rehashing in your mind the negative events of your past leads to mental and physical disease. Face forward and change your mind chatter. Only YOU have the power to control your thoughts. Choose thoughts that evoke love, laugher, and happiness”

~ Anonymous

[MZ] Monday Zen ~ Gossip, Vulnerability, and True Beauty

I’m back! I’ve recently taken on a teaching position while writing in the evenings and have not been able to write new posts, but I hope to change that soon.

Today, I’d like to share a beautifully written, painfully honest post from Have A Nourishing Life. I think many of us, especially women needs to hear this message, as we tend to be our worst critic. Take a look:


[MZ] Monday Zen ~ Today We Celebrate

Today is my Dad’s birthday. He would have been 63. Today we visit his favorite monastery to celebrate his life. My family will gather to light an incense and remember him…

Happy Birthday, Dad. We love you.


“Live today, for you don’t know what tomorrow will bring,” ~ Soo Yup Jun

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